Aigner: Agricultural production is the key to ensuring global food security

"The number of people afflicted by hunger increased last year. The key to combating hunger is agricultural production, its growth, efficiency and sustainability. Hence, food security is the main theme at this year’s International Green Week (IGW)," said the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, at the traditional opening press conference of the Association of Agricultural Journalists (VDAJ) in Berlin today.

"One of the biggest challenges facing mankind that needs to be successfully tackled is ensuring food security for a growing world population."
For that reason the subject of the 2nd International Conference of Agriculture Ministers on 17 January was "Ensuring global food security – A major challenge for politics and industry." This public panel event was followed for the first time by the 1st Berlin Summit of all the Agriculture Ministers who attended the International Green Week. At Charlottenburg Palace the Ministers will discuss this subject in a small circle. "The key lies in the rural areas. Together we want to find solutions about how we can tackle the problem of global hunger," stressed the Minister. The Agriculture Ministers had a great opportunity to make a concrete contribution to the ongoing international processes. Conclusions from the meeting were to be presented to the public after the summit at a press conference in Charlottenburg Palace.
"Politicians cannot solve this problem alone. Industry too – like other sections of society – wishes to contribute, in line with the approach of the Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security." Hence the International Forum of the Agri-Food Industry is also being staged in parallel on 17 January. It is organised by an alliance of the German Farmers’ Association, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries and the German Agricultural Society. "We must work hand in hand if we really wish to achieve something!" stressed Aigner.
The Federal Agriculture Ministry’s special show focuses on food in a different context. Hall 23a not only offers interesting information about food but also shows how healthy food can be enjoyable and fun, too.

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