Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security

World Food Summit, FAO, 16 to 18 November 2009 in Rome

Rome, FAO
Federal Minister Ilse Aigner

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Chairman,  Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today we have taken an important step: we have stated our joint support for establishing a Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security.

Because: having one billion people suffering from hunger sends a clear message: we need to focus constantly on global food security and the related issues. Current progress in fighting hunger is too slow.

The international community must do more. The Global Partnership will be a global network, incorporating governments, international organisations, civil society and industry.

The central element will be the United Nations Committee on World Food Security and we have today confirmed and reinforced the reform of this committee at the highest level.

This is the signal for a new kind of international cooperation, but one that builds on existing structures.

People suffering from hunger should finally be able to profit from the synergies generated by close cooperation between experts from the fields of agriculture and development cooperation.

I can assure you: Germany will be a reliable member of the Global Partnership.

Regarding German support funds, this means: Giving corresponding weight to agriculture and rural development. This should be done using site-adapted concepts. Development must be driven by the countries themselves. The governments bear a crucial responsibility in this regard.

The Common Agricultural Policy should not hinder agricultural development in less developed countries. As a member of the European Union, Germany will work together with our partner members to ensure that this is the case.

Germany continues to hope that the Doha Development Round will soon reach a balanced agreement on a global trade deal that promotes fair trade at global level.

At the FAO in Rome two years ago, Federal President Horst Köhler underlined German commitment to realising the right to food. Hunger is not an inexorable fate, but can instead be overcome by astute policies.

We want food security for everybody. Having the right to food so clearly anchored in the final Declaration is a huge success.
This also reinforces the rights-based approach to fighting hunger.

We now need to go one step further: farmers throughout the world need the security of knowing that they will have long-term use of their land.

This is the basic condition for development. We therefore need to supplement the guidelines on realising the right to food with guidelines on access to the natural resources of land and water.

It is a matter of particular concern to me to draw attention to the women in rural areas of the world. They represent the vital driving force for progress.

I suggest that the Committee on Global Food Security and the high-level panel of experts should focus on these topics.  

Ladies and Gentlemen,

working as partners is the foundation of success. I can assure you that Germany is ready and willing to support country-owned programmes to the best of its ability.

This January, at the 1st Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Summit, we laid down important principles which have now reached their culmination in today’s Declaration. 

I am particularly delighted about this!

Today, with the five Roman principles for sustainable global food security, we will hopefully be providing the vital impetus that will bring about the desired sea change in the fight against hunger.

Let us breathe life into the Global Partnership and start putting it into action!


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