Plant production in Germany is very diverse: from arable farming and crop production, market gardening and fruit cultivation to wine growing and hop producing. In all these areas a competitive agricultural sector is dependent on high, reliable yields. High performance and healthy types of plants, plant protection, successful plant breeding and preservation of soil fertility are the decisive factors here. The use of green genetic engineering is also becoming increasingly important in conjunction with plant production around the world. Here the goal is to find a balance between safety and cost effectiveness.

Protein Crop Strategy


The protein crop strategy of the BMEL is aimed at reducing competitive disadvantages of domestic protein crops (leguminosae such as broad beans, field peas and lupin species, as well as clover species, alfalfa and vetch), closing research gaps and testing and implementing the necessary measures in practice – while taking the international framework conditions into account.

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Green not grey for urban spaces

Federal ministers Schmidt and Hendricks presenting the Green Paper

On 10 June 2015 the Federal Minister of the Environment Barbara Hendricks and the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt presented a joint Green Paper at the "Green cities - living for an attractive future" congress in Berlin. "'Green not grey for urban spaces' must become the slogan for cities of the future," said Minister Schmidt in his opening address.

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National Action Plan on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products

Hands protect a plant

The objective of the National Action Plan on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products is to further reduce the risks associated with the use of pesticides.

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Horticulture in Germany - Facts and Figures

Cover Brochure Horticulture in Germany

Content: A modern economic sector and fascinating hobby, a productive branch of the agricultural sector, horticulture and society, the market for horticultural products and services, quality and environmental awareness, ready for tomorrow, Addresses of government offices, associations and organisations.

National Programme for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

Cover of the brochure "National Programme Plant Genetic Resourcers"

The National Programme establishes the essential foundation for activities coordinated nationwide and aimed at conserving and sustainably using our genetic resources.



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