Animal health

Healthy animals play an important role in the efficiency of the agricultural sector and the safety of foods. To maintain animals' health, they require good husbandry conditions, effective prevention against and combating ofanimal diseases and animal epidemics, suitable feed and effective authorised veterinary medicinal products.

In Germany, animal health is safeguarded by legislation and the veterinary administration. As animal diseases do not stop at national borders, the Federal Ministry works continuously with the veterinary authorities of other Member States and third countries.

Fighting antimicrobial resistance together

Federal Health Minister Hermannn Gröhe and Federal Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt

Meeting of the G7 Health Ministers

The Health Ministers of the seven leading industrial states - USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Canada and Germany - met in Berlin on 8 and 9 October 2015 to discuss a number of topics, including "antimicrobial resistance".

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"DART 2020" continues the German Antibiotic Resistance Strategy

Aufschrift auf der Broschüre" Fighting antibiotics resistance for the good of both humans and animals" ist zu lesen

The Federal Cabinet adopted DART 2020, the new German Antibiotic Resistance Strategy, on 13 May 2015. This continues and reinforces the efforts initiated in 2008 to fight antibiotic resistances.

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Antibiotics in agriculture

Floor keeping of laying hens

Antibiotics are the most important instrument for the treatment of infectious diseases. However, Germany is also seeing an increase in cases of antimicrobial resistance. Due to this, drugs may no longer be effective in diseased people or animals. As each use of antibiotics can produce resistance it must be ensured that antibiotics are only used when it is absolutely necessary, especially in animals used to produce food.

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