The healthcare reforms have considerably expanded the private and statutory health insurance options for consumers. Numerous choices in terms of customer service, supplementary benefits, selectable tariffs, additional contributions and the range of out-patient and hospital care services on offer mean significantly more possibilities for consumers. But they also have more responsibilities.

Consumers often have to make decisions in sensitive situations (e.g. when visiting a doctor) or under time pressure (e.g. when nursing care suddenly needs to be organised). In this context, the BMEL advocates transparency in the healthcare and nursing sector and supports projects which offer guidance to the affected persons and their families.

EU Toy Directive Germany advocates stricter limit values

Colored balloons

The Federal Government finds it inacceptable that, since July 2013, the limit values for some heavy metals have been raised beyond the hitherto permissible levels in Germany as a consequence of the EU Toy Directive.

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