The German Fishing Industry

The German Fishing industry represents an efficient, state-of-the-art economic factor offering more than 40,000 jobs. Jobs - in the fisheries sector proper, in fish processing as well as in trade and gastronomy.

Germany is an important selling market for fish products as fish is a popular food. It does not only taste good, with its highly nutritive protein, its multiple unsaturated fatty acids, a lot of vitamins and important mineral substances fish is an indispensable ingredient of a sound and well-balanced diet.

The fishing industry includes the following sectors:

  • fishing fleet (deep-sea as well as cutter and offshore fishing)
  • Fish processing industry
  • Fish wholesalers and retailers
  • Fish catering businesses and
  • Inland fisheries and aquaculture.

In 2014 there were about 7,000 enterprises in aquaculture and inland fisheries as well as some 1.8 million hobby anglers fishing in inland waters.

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