Forest Climate Fund

The Forest Climate Fund is part of the programme associated with the Energy and Climate Fund. A decision by the German Bundestag called for it to be established from 2013 under the joint responsibility of the Federal Ministries of Agriculture (BMEL) and the Environment (BMUB).

Due to carbon storage, build-up of carbon stocks in forests and the prevention of emissions as a result of timber recycling and energy recovery, German forestry and forest industries are playing an important role in combating climate change.

They currently prevent the release of approx. 126 million tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere. Bearing in mind the productive, protective and recreational functions of forests, the Forest Climate Fund is intended to maintain and increase this positive impact on the climate.

Adapting our forests to climate change is a precondition for achieving this aim. Given that forests stretch across very large areas – forests cover over one-third of Germany – and due to their great vulnerability to climate changes and their long life cycles and production periods, we need to take swift and sustainable adaptation measures immediately.

BMEL and BMUB therefore regard it as a necessity to promote measures aimed at tapping the potential of forests and timber for CO2 reduction and energy generation as well as measures aimed at adapting German forests to climate change, and in this way to help the Federal Government achieve its climate goals.

The measures are designed to achieve the greatest possible benefit in terms of protecting the climate and adapting forests to the consequences of climate change, while taking both eco-logical and economical aspects into consideration. Wherever possible, the intention is to harness synergies between climate protection, the preservation of biodiversity and the adaptation of forests to climate change.

Support measures

Measures are to be funded in the following priority areas:

  1. Adaptation of forests to climate change,
  2. Safeguarding of carbon storage and increasing the CO2 sequestration of forests,
  3. Increasing of storage in wood products and reduction/substitution of CO2 via wood products,
  4. Research and monitoring,
  5. Information and communication.

Further information on the Forest Climate Fund and its key funding areas, plus details about the application procedure can be found on the joint website of the two Federal Ministries.

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