Natural resources are being used more and more intensively. In some areas, the limits of environmental viability have been reached if not exceeded. Seeking a guiding vision for a careful management of nature which also takes into account the needs of society, a principle from forestry is experiencing an unexpected renaissance: the sustainable management of natural resources.

Hunting is a way of using natural resources like farming, forestry and fisheries. As any other economic sector, the use of game populations must be guided by the principle of sustainability across the world.

Wild game is an essential factor in forest management. Excessive hoofed game populations cause damages to forests and the economy. Hunting must comply with the silvicultural requirements.

Given the need to transform forests into stable and climate-tolerant mixed forests, it is necessary to "regulate the shooting of game in such a way that the legitimate claims of forestry for protection against damage from game are fully complied with". The Federal Hunting Act also contains provisions to that effect.

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