The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

Food and agriculture are subjects that affect all citizens directly.

A balanced, healthy diet and safe foods, clear information for consumers when purchasing food, strong and sustainable agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors, and good prospects for our rural areas are important objectives for the BMEL. The BMEL offices in Bonn and Berlin, with approximately 900 staff, are committed to achieving these objectives.

The fields of food and food safety have been dovetailed in the BMEL to enable the ministry to deal successfully with the challenges of the future. Market policy has been concentrated, policy for rural areas has been geared for the future, and environmental, climate and energy-related aspects have been integrated within sustainable agriculture.

European and international activities have been concentrated, and agricultural policy activities aimed at improving the world food situation have been expanded.

The strategic approaches of the technical departments have also been consolidated within a strategy and planning unit.

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Green Paper on Food, Nutrition, Agriculture and Rural Areas - Good food, strong agriculture, vibrant regions

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Healthy food and nutrition is a very immediate and personal part of our lives, and it is our agricultural sector that lays the foundation for this. Our agricultural, horticultural, viticultural and forestry sectors are also instrumental in shaping our homeland and landscapes. Food, agriculture and homeland: since time immemorial, these three aspects have been inextricably linked. However, our post-industrial, globalised societies, which rely heavily on the division of labour, have caused many people to lose sight of this natural connection. Until well into the 20th century, the crucial question was whether enough food could be produced for everyone; in contrast, contemporary social and political debate sometimes even questions whether we need a productive agricultural sector at all. This attitude often goes hand in hand with a pronounced criticism of globalisation. There are often fundamental objections to our aim of using our agrarian production in Europe to help feed the world. Some groups even put forward the idea that agriculture should focus only on protecting nature and conserving biodiversity.

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

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The federal ministry‘s field of work is very broad and our commitments are diverse. In this brochure we would like to give you an outline of the ministry’s areas of activity and of our policy aims.


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