Promoting engagement for the integration of refugees

BMEL launches national programme entitled "500 Land Initiatives"

Many rural regions in Germany offer good opportunities for the integration of refugees likely to remain in the country in the long term. Solidarity in a village community can give people who had to leave their homeland the courage to make a new start and provide them with social support. In the face of demographic change, integrating these new neighbours also opens up new opportunities for the regions themselves – successful integration is to the benefit of everyone.

A great number of volunteers are working every day to help refugees participate in village life and make it easier for them to become part of the community. These dedicated volunteers make an important contribution to promoting good neighbourly relations. It is therefore even more important to support their civic commitment.

The objective

With its national programme "500 Land Initiatives" the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is explicitly aiming to support volunteer work in rural regions. The programme focuses on initiatives promoting the sustainable integration of refugees in rural areas. "500 Land Initiatives" helps to make important purchases or pay for other necessary things and servicesl. Amounts from € 1,000 and € 10,000 can be granted for the promotion of projects or purchases. The initiative is part of the Federal Rural Development Scheme.

For further information on this topic, please go to: www.500landinitiativen

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Tradition – Innovation – a Devotion to Detail

Startbild Agrarexport

Germany is the world’s third largest exporter of agricultural goods. German products are popular and in demand. The film on "Quality made in Germany" shows why. In approximately three minutes, the film shows the wide range of products offered by the German agri-food industry – in the fields of seed and planting stock, animal genetics, agricultural machinery, raw materials (cultivation and production), and semi-finished and finished products.

Germany stands for a modern, productive and at the same time sustainable agri-food industry. The film shows how the industry meets the high quality standards that apply in all sectors. These quality standards guarantee that all exports are of top quality.

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"Understanding Farming"

Screenshot of the film „Understanding Farming“

Germany, the land of engineering ingenuity and industry, has at the same time always remained a country with a strong agricultural sector. Despite a high population density, half of the land in Germany is farmed. Around one million people, working in approximately 285,000 agricultural enterprises, produce more than 50 billion Euros’ worth of goods a year.

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