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Understanding food safety - Facts and background (Russian)

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In this brochure you will learn about the basis of the food safety system, how food safety control works and what the risks are. The facts, gures and examples contained in this publication reƒect what is necessary to ensure a high level of protection.

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Bilateral Cooperation Programme of the BMEL
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Cover Brochure 'Bilateral Cooperation Programme of the BMEL' in Russian

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Agriculture at the heart of society (Russian)

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Taking stock of agricultural policy: selected facts and figures on agriculture

2011 Agricultural Policy Report (Russian)
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2011 Agricultural Policy Report (Russian)

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German Agriculture - Facts and Figures
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"Understanding global food security and nutrition"

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The world’s population is growing. But today, at a global level, agriculture is currently producing one third more calories than necessary to feed all the people in the world. That means: In principle, there is enough food for everybody. Nevertheless one person in nine goes to bed hungry. Worldwide there are still 800 million people going hungry.

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"Understanding Farming"

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Germany, the land of engineering ingenuity and industry, has at the same time always remained a country with a strong agricultural sector. Despite a high population density, half of the land in Germany is farmed. Around one million people, working in approximately 285,000 agricultural enterprises, produce more than 50 billion Euros’ worth of goods a year.

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