Scientific Advisory Board on the National Action Plan on Plant Protection Products

The National Action Plan on Plant Protection Products aims to further reduce the risks to humans, animals and the ecosystem that might result from the application of plant protection products. The Scientific Advisory Board advises the Federal Government on implementing and further developing the Action Plan.

The Scientific Advisory Board acts independently and advises the Federal Government on how the National Action Plan can be used to sustainably improve risk mitigation in crop protection.

The board undertakes the following tasks:

  • Evaluation of the National Action Plan from a scientific point of view and drafting of proposals for the further development of the National Action Plan
  • Drawing up of scientific reviews on individual measures taken as part of the National Action Plan
  • Drawing up of scientific reviews on shaping research, innovation, and funding programmes with reference to the National Action Plan
  • Assessment of the relevance and suitability of guidelines on integrated plant protection specific to crops and to sectors.

The Scientific Advisory Board is made up of 17 representatives from the areas of integrated plant protection, organic farming, water protection, drinking water, biodiversity and nature conservation, ecotoxicology, occupational safety, user protection and agricultural economics.

In accordance with the formation decree from 13 November 2014, the members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the BMEL for five years (1 January 2015–31 December 2019). They serve on a voluntary basis and are not bound by instructions. The management of the Advisory Board is based at the NAP branch office of the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) in Bonn.

The National Action Plan was ratified by the Federal Cabinet in April 2014 based on EU provisions. All EU member states have set up action plans according to the conditions in their countries.

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