IN FORM – German national initiative to promote healthy diets and physical activity

Together with the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the BMEL has been committed to the healthy growth of children and adolescents for many years.

In 2008, the Federal Government adopted the national action plan for the prevention of poor dietary habits, lack of physical activity, overweight and related diseases entitled "IN FORM – German national initiative to promote healthy diets and physical activity". Nutrition and exercise are addressed as a unit, as equal and decisive building blocks for a healthy life.

The initiative has carried out more than 200 projects in different settings to date, with the aim being to sustainably improve eating and exercise habits in Germany in order to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. The BMEL activities range from the first 1,000 days in a person's life to improving the food and nutritional situation in old age .

With regard to nutrition, an emphasis has been placed on measures for the intensification of nutritional education and the promotion of nutritional expertise in all age groups.

The aims for the years to come are first and foremost:

  • to further develop the IN FORM national action plan and adapt it to current needs;
  • to establish (and stabilise) measures and projects supported under the IN FORM initiative in the longer term;
  • to disseminate findings and results; and
  • to promote both networking and an exchange of experiences between the actors in the projects.

Website for the IN FORM initiative

The website is directed towards both consumers and nutritionists. In addition to general information about healthy eating and drinking and recipes, it also provides detailed reports from projects supported under the IN FORM initiative.

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