Aigner: The world is working together to achieve global food security

"The right to food is a human right. Global food security should therefore be at the top of the political agenda. With the 'Davos of the agricultural sector' in Berlin, we have taken the first successful step towards achieving this aim," underlined Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner after the 1st Berlin Summit of Agriculture Ministers.

Ministers and deputy ministers of agriculture from 31 nations met today at Charlottenburg Palace to discuss the subject of "Ensuring global food security – A global challenge for politics and industry". "After an intensive discussion on the subject of food security, we have agreed that we must continue to strengthen rural areas and increase agricultural production in order to alleviate poverty and meet people's right to food," emphasised Aigner. She stated that, paradoxically, hunger was concentrated in rural areas. She continued by saying that this led to rural migration and a further decline in production.
"Hunger leads to the development of troubled areas and has an incalculable global impact. Combating hunger must be a top priority for all national governments," said the minister.

Federal Minister Ilse Aigner, the host of the 1st Berlin Summit of Agriculture Ministers, presented the outcome of the summit in a statement by all participating nations, nations which together represented more than a third of the entire global population. The statement highlights the following aims as areas for continued concerted action:

  1. Rural areas must be strengthened!
  2. Agricultural production - while conserving natural resources - plays a central role in achieving this aim. Agricultural production must be increased in the long term, become more efficient and be better adapted to local conditions.
  3. Investments are to be tailored even more closely to local needs!
  4. Agricultural research must contribute and help increase productivity!
  5. Donor countries must conserve the sustainable production potential that exists in the temperate regions! The primary objective of agricultural production is to feed mankind!

"To achieve global food security, we need a global partnership of governments and civil society," added Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner.

The outcome of the 1st Berlin Summit of Agriculture Ministers is intended to contribute to the United Nations international process and in particular to the "Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security". The aim is then for future measures aimed at combating hunger to pick up on these proposals.


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