The number of the week: 103,107 tonnes of asparagus were harvested in Germany last year

The popular vegetable was grown on more than 24,000 hectares of land by around 2,100 holdings. This meant that in 2013 asparagus was once again the most widely-grown vegetable.

Lower Saxony was the number one grower among the federal states by some way. It harvested over 23,500 tonnes of asparagus on 5,343 hectares of land. Second place was shared by two states: Although North Rhine-Westphalia grew asparagus on a larger area (3,901 hectares) than Brandenburg, (3,476 hectares), Brandenburg achieved a somewhat higher yield (15,659 tonnes) than North Rhine-Westphalia (15,423 tonnes).

By tradition, today, St. John's Eve, marks the last day of the year on which asparagus is harvested in the German asparagus-growing regions. The plants need time to regenerate and to prepare for the frost in the autumn and winter. 2014 is expected to yield a good harvest as well: with mild and favourable weather in spring, the asparagus season began 14 days earlier than in the previous year. The warm and sunny weather in spring also had a positive effect on consumer demand.

Sources: BMEL, Federal Statistical Office


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