The number of the week: 4.5 million people work in the German agri-food sector

4.5 million people work in the German agri-food sector which thus provides every ninth job in Germany.

The agricultural sector, the food industry and specialised food trade largely comprise small and medium-sized businesses. In 2013, for example, three-quarters of around 6000 surveyed food industry businesses employed fewer than 100 people, and family farms make up around 90 per cent of agricultural holdings.

The agri-food sector accounts for around six per cent of Germany's gross value added, i.e. the added value created during the production process. A well-trained skilled workforce is key to the success of the sector. It is not least due to this fact that the German agri-food sector was able to achieve an excellent competitive position at global level.

Agricultural and food exports are of considerable economic importance for the Federal Republic of Germany. The agricultural sector now earns every fourth Euro through exports. According to industry figures, exports even account for over 30 per cent of turnover in the manufacturing food industry.

On Tuesday and Friday this week, Christian Schmidt, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, will meet with industry representatives, from both the export and the food sectors, in order to engage in consultations.

Sources: South Westphalia Polytechnic, BMEL, Federal Statistical Office


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