Successful cooperation with China's agricultural sector

Parliamentary State Secretary Peter Bleser: "Establishment of the German-Chinese Agricultural Centre is on schedule"

After having attended the tenth meeting of the German-Chinese Working Group on Agri-Food Policies on 16 January, Peter Bleser, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Agriculture, stated that progress had been achieved in German-Chinese cooperation in the agricultural sector.

"Together with my colleague, the Chinese Vice-Minister for Agriculture, Niu Dun, we have succeeded in taking key decisions regarding the planned opening of a German-Chinese Agricultural Centre (DCZ) in Beijing", said Bleser. He praised the opening of the DCZ, scheduled for March 2015, as a new step in cooperation and networking that would continue the success story of German-Chinese cooperation. The plans for DCZ will include, inter alia, agricultural policy dialogues and joint research projects.

"Tradition and technology are two key qualities that characterise German agriculture. Together with our Chinese partners we want to provide even better support in future for the agricultural sector in harnessing these qualities to manage the future pro-actively," said Bleser. Agricultural scientists of both countries already look back on more than 30 years of joint research activities. Bleser went on to say that the close and trusting cooperation in recent years had also successfully shaped joint demonstration projects in plant production and cattle farming. He said that the focus in these areas had been on improving the situation of Chinese agriculture. "It has also become apparent that: our farmers' technology can also deliver its full potential under the geographic conditions prevailing in China," said the State Secretary. He stated that moreover, training Chinese farmers would also help to ensure global food security.


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