Schmidt wants to see a stable and flourishing Africa

Federal Minister Schmidt: Agri-food policies for Africa are security policy

During the Green Week, Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt took part in the AGCO Africa Summit in Berlin.

This important conference is traditionally held just after the Agriculture Ministers' Summit hosted by the Federal Agriculture Ministry during the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture. The title of this year's 4th AGCO Africa Summit was "Agribusiness for Africa – Partnering for Growth".

The Minister stressed in his speech: "Africa is an important political partner. The Federal Government's policy guidelines for Africa underline that we want to have a partnership on an equal footing." Schmidt regards a stable and flourishing Africa as the goal. Because: "Food policy is security policy!" He said that agriculture was a key stabilising factor in this regard. Christian Schmidt went on to say: "It is vital to ensure the food supply for populations in African countries. Employment and income-earning opportunities offer people better prospects for their lives!" The Minister said that rural farming played a key role in this area. The Federal Agriculture Minister went on to say: "The concepts we are developing in this field need to fit all agricultural structures" . The Minister made a clear call for investments made on the continent to be in harmony with the environment and the rights that protect populations. The Minister also pledged further Federal Government support in the fight against the Ebola virus.


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