Agriculture Ministers call for EU Platform on Animal Welfare

Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany have proposed strengthening the dialogue on animal welfare at European level by establishing an information platform.

A working dialogue is a basic requirement for both cooperation and the improvement of animal welfare standards. The four Member States therefore propose the establishment of an EU Platform on Animal Welfare at the European Commission based on the already existing EU platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.

Such an EU platform could, on the one hand, facilitate the exchange of experience regarding animal welfare initiatives of individual Member States or of other actors. On the other hand, the platform could also be used to improve the information exchange on controls and implementation of existing legislation within the EU and thus help achieve more uniform and transparent application in practice.

In addition, an EU Platform on Animal Welfare could make a positive contribution to the development of animal welfare in the European Union, in particular in the following fields:

  • Coordinated action by different parts of society on animal welfare;
  • Development of partnerships among stakeholders;
  • Exchange of best practice examples in the area of animal welfare in the Member States;
  • Networking, including sharing of knowledge and information on research.

At the end of 2014, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany agreed to work closely together on animal welfare. In April 2015, Sweden joined this cooperation. Since the beginning of their cooperation, the Nations have issued four joint position papers on animal welfare to the European Commission.


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