Text version: The Fishing Industry in Germany - Responsible Use of Natural Resources


The seas are one of humanity’s largest food sources. In Germany, fishing is part of our tradition and culture. Yet the seas are not inexhaustible. Their natural resources must be conserved and managed responsibly.
Fisherman Manfred Rahr has been a working seaman for over 40 years.

On-camera Manfred Rahr, fisherman:

For me personally, there's nothing better than being a fisherman. But it's a challenging job. This here is a million-euro operation that needs to be sensibly managed. And you're also responsible for the crew's safety.


Eric Kessler has just completed his training as a deck technician. He loves his work.

On-camera Eric Keßler, young fisherman:

It’s my dream job. I grew up with it and it’s fun.


Fishery protection vessels monitor the fish trawlers at sea. The inspection teams want to ensure that there is no illegal fishing being done, explains Officer Erwin Borchardt.

On-camera Erwin Borchardt, fishery inspector:

The fisheries protection rules are vigorously enforced to ensure the sustainability of the fisheries industry.


Every year, the countries on the North Sea study at what rate the fish stocks are replenishing. Marine biologist Dr. Anne Sell studies the marine ecosystem.

On-camera Dr. Anne Sell, marine biologist:

The basic principle of this entire research study is to evaluate both the fish stocks and the biodiversity in the sea: what's out there, how much of it, and how we can preserve it.


Inland fishers and anglers manage the lakes and rivers of Germany. Fish varieties that are easily cultivated are bred in aquacultures. Over 80 percent of the fish processed in Germany is imported. Many in the fishing industry have entered into an agreement, says Katharina Hempel, product manager of a fish processing plant.

On-camera Katharina Hempel, product manager:

A large part of the German fishing industry has committed itself to purchasing only from sustainable fish stocks. To conserve resources and to act responsibly. So they can continue catching fish in the future.


With over one million tons of fish products every year, the fishing industry in Germany contributes to our nutritional needs. Within the framework of the Common European Fisheries Policy, Germany champions sustainable and responsible use of resources worldwide. This is the only way that the wealth of the seas can be preserved for future generations.


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