Food and agriculture are issues that directly affect all citizens.

A balanced, healthy diet, safe food, clear consumer information when buying food and a strong and sustainable agricultural, forestry and fisheries sector are among the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s (BMEL) most important goals. At the same time, the BMEL is committed to creating good prospects in our many rural regions, to promoting animal welfare and to improving global food security.

Overview of topics


Federal Minister Cem Özdemir has led the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture since December 2021. Within the Federal Government, the Federal Minister is responsible for German food and agricultural policy.



Federal Minister Cem Özdemir is provided with technical support by the ministerial staff. The staff are headed by Silvia Bender, the State Secretary. The Parliamentary State Secretaries, who are appointed by the Federal President at the suggestion of the Federal Chancellor, ensure the exchange of information between the government and parliament.


Events and dates

Here you will find our overview of the events and dates of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.



Sound scientific knowledge is indispensable for political decisions. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is able to draw on the high-quality research carried out by its research institutions.



In the following, we would like to provide you with an overview of the Ministry’s milestones over the last 70 years.



Here you will find current press information, the contact details of the press office, speeches, interviews, press photos and much more.


BMEL offices + getting to the BMEL

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has offices in Bonn and Berlin. Here you will find directions to the offices.