Federal Minister Cem Özdemir is provided with technical support by the ministerial staff. The staff are headed by Silvia Bender, the State Secretary. The Parliamentary State Secretaries, who are appointed by the Federal President at the suggestion of the Federal Chancellor, ensure the exchange of information between the government and parliament.

They represent the Minister in the Bundestag, the Bundesrat and the parliamentary groups, and also in certain specialist areas. Other specialist expertise is provided by committees and research institutions.

Overview of topics

State Secretaries

The BMEL has a total of eight departments, known as directorates-general, which are headed by State Secretary Silvia Bender and which provide the minister with technical support.


The BMEL’s Advisory Councils

An advisory council is a permanent committee that acts in an advisory capacity. The BMEL currently has four advisory councils. They evaluate findings scientifically and advise decision makers or provide practical advice to the BMEL, as is the case with the Advisory Council on Rural Development (Sachverständigenrat Ländliche Entwicklung). To this end, the advisory councils deliver expert reports, issue statements and make recommendations.


Institutions within the BMEL's portfolio

The institutions within the BMEL's portfolio include higher federal authorities, legally independent institutions, the federal research centres, institutions belonging to the Leibniz Association and recipients of institutional grants; these institutions are listed in detail on this page.