Organic farming

With annual sales revenues of Euro 11.97  billion (2019) Germany has the largest organic food market in Europe. The Bio-Siegel (German organic production logo) creates transparency and offers reliable orientation in the jungle of organic brands. Organic products are subject to controls on the basis not only of food and feed legislation but also of the EU legal provisions for organic farming.

According to the result of the representative survey on the 2019 Nutrition Report one person in two "always" or "usually" pays attention to the organic production logo when shopping. The annual Ökobarometer (organic barometer) confirms this trend: more than one quarter of respondents now regularly buys organic food.

How do organic foods differ from conventional products, what specific regulatory environment applies to organic farming, how are organic products controlled and how does the Federal Government promote organic farms, for example via the Federal Scheme for Organic Farming and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN), and what targets has the Federal Government set itself under the Strategy for the Future of Organic Farming?

The information pamphlet on "Organic farming in Germany" gives an introductory overview of these and other subjects. The brochure also contains a list of the relevant contact persons in administration and industry.

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Overview of topics

Strengthening organic farming: Strategy for the Future of Organic Farming

“20 percent organic farming in Germany by 2030” is the Federal Government’s target, as set out in the Sustainable Development Strategy, because organic farming is a particularly resource-efficient, environmentally sound and sustainable form of agriculture.


Control - organic farming

Just like conventional products, organic products must comply with the provisions applicable under food and feed law. These provisions include mechanisms for controlling and inspecting the products.


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