Fish and seafood are highly valued by consumers. Germany is only about 25 percent self-sufficient in respect of fish. Nevertheless, the coastal fishing sector still plays an important role, as it also processes the large quantities of fish that are imported from all over the world, especially from Norway and China, but also from other EU states.

Overview of topics

Fisheries policy

Long-term stability in the fishing industry is dependent on healthy marine ecosystems. The EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) underwent a fundamental reform in 2014. It was a step in the right direction towards sustainable fishing. This includes management and stock recovery plans for various fish species and measures to combat illegal fishing. The CFP aims to conserve stocks, promote a competitive fishing industry and stabilise the markets for fishery products.


Marine protection

Fishing and environmental protection influence one another. The fishing industry is dependent on an intact natural environment but it also impacts on the maritime environment itself. The industry can only have a stable future if fishing is conducted in a sustainable manner, i.e. in harmony with nature and with future generations in mind.