German forests have many faces, talents and functions. They leave their mark on landscapes, provide a habitat for plants and animals and help to protect the climate, water and soils. At the same time, forests provide an area for recreation and exercise and form part of our cultural identity. Our forests are therefore, at the same time, natural environments and places to pursue recreation and engage in economic activities.

They have been managed in a sustainable manner for 300 years now.

In international forest policy, the Federal Government takes a stance against illegal logging and advocates global forest conservation.

Overview of topics

Forests in Germany

Our forests are all-rounders: they are sources of raw materials, climate change mitigators, wellness havens, habitats for countless animal and plant species and much more. Covering 32 percent of Germany, forests are a major feature of our country.


Forests around the globe

BMEL co-ordinates the federal government’s international forest policy and is committed both to combating ongoing deforestation and illegal logging, and to promoting sustainable forest management. Nine million hectares of natural forest are destroyed every year, particularly in tropical countries.



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