Export promotion programme for the German agri-food sector

The BMEL operates a programme to support the German agri-food sector - especially small and medium-sized enterprises - in its endeavours to open up new and foster existing markets abroad. The programme is constantly being refined and adapted to current requirements.

The purpose of the agricultural export support programme is to help expand the number of exporting businesses and to improve their competitiveness on foreign markets. The measures of the agricultural export support programme help businesses in preparing for and entering new markets and in nurturing existing ones.

These measures include training courses and seminars, the provision of market information, the organisation of market fact-finding trips and business trips.

Up to 50 percent of costs are defrayed

BMEL export promotion programme

All the relevant information about the BMEL's export promotion programme is available on a dedicated website that provides clear and up-to-date information on contact persons, export data and markets:


The measures are diverse and may in some instances build upon previous modules. They include:

in Germany

  • implementing market and product studies
  • training of suitable staff from interested companies
  • identifying and contacting potential participants in the support programme
  • advice to individual holdings


  • market fact-finding trips
  • business trips
  • image-promoting measures to consolidate and expand foreign markets (e.g. events in cooperation with German institutions abroad such as embassies)
  • providing a range of printed materials and internet presentations

In addition, it is possible to support visits to Germany by foreign public authority staff for auditing purposes and specialist conferences/meetings that promote the exchange and interlinking of technical information and skills.

In principle, up to 50 percent of the total costs of a specific measure are eligible for reimbursement.

The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) acts as the project initiator on behalf of the BMEL. The BLE advises and supports the applicant, prepares decisions and accompanies the applicant during the implementation of the measures.

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