Cooperation with the countries of South America

The main countries we cooperate with in South America are Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Brazil and Argentina are important producers and the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products. The agricultural sector therefore makes a significant contribution to the economic growth and export proceeds of both countries. They are important competitors on the international agricultural markets and thus have a decisive impact on the developments taking place there. 

Brazil and Argentina are among the world’s largest producers of soy, sugar, poultry meat and beef. Uruguay has a highly productive agriculture, which is a key economic sector of the country, with beef and soy as important export products. 

Due to the globally limited land resources and the need to increase yields while producing sustainably, these countries will make a significant contribution to global food security. As raw material suppliers they will remain key stakeholders on the international markets – taking into consideration climate stewardship, environmental protection and species conservation.

Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are members of MERCOSUR (the “Common Market of the South”); in June 2019, the European Union reached a political agreement in principle with MERCOSUR on an Association Agreement with a comprehensive free trade component.

Cooperation with these countries aims to promote bilateral and multilateral trade and economic cooperation. In addition, the political dialogue is focused on organising sustainable and efficient biogenic resource stewardship (bioeconomy concept), animal welfare and, in respect of preventing deforestation, sustainable value chains in the agricultural and food sectors.

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