Rural development support

One of the German Federal Government’s aims is to strengthen rural regions as independent areas to live and work in, and to make them sustainable, future-proof and attractive, taking into account their different potential for development. There are a number of funding instruments from the European Union, the German Federal Government and the Länder that are available for this purpose.

Overview of topics

Joint Task for the "Improvement of Agricultural Structures and Coastal Protection"

The Joint Task for the "Improvement of Agricultural Structure and Coastal Protection" (Gemeinschaftsaufgabe "Verbesserung der Agrarstruktur und des Küstenschutzes"; GAK) is the most important national funding instrument for the support of agriculture and forestry, rural development and improvements in coastal and flood protection.


Federal Rural Development Scheme - Contents and Objectives

The Federal Rural Development Scheme (BULE) promotes model projects, model regions, contests, research and knowledge transfer. Local communities transform rural areas into dynamic laboratories of the future for the development of our society.


Objectives and priorities of rural development 2014 – 2022

The integration of EAFRD into a common strategic framework with other European structural and investment funds is documented in an extensive partnership agreement between the European Commission and Germany.