German Forests - Forests for Nature and People

Date 2021.04.13

Our forests are true all-round talents. But how can we combine all these requirements, requests and interests on the very same land? How can we make our forests resilient to the devastating consequences of climate change? How can we preserve our forests’ biodiversity? And how can we secure the renewable resource of timber for the future? Finding answers to these questions is one of the long-term responsibilities of forestry policy. Sustainable and multifunctional forest management is a key factor.

All nation-wide forest policy measures are pooled under the coordination of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. My Ministry – together with the federal states – supports the implementation of sustainable forest management through a number of programmes at federal level such as the new “Forest Investment Programme”.

In this brochure, you will find a comprehensive overview of the current state of forests and Germany’s forest policy approaches.